Review: JT Hernandez – Fashionably Late

"Keepin it real, that's mandatory
The reason I'll have the same fans at forty
It's the same shit coming out my laboratory
Everybody and their damn Dad adore me" - All In

JT Hernandez's debut album is a long time coming, but not exactly. "Fashionably Late" is the beginning of an 11-year journey as an emcee; the culmination of over a decade of hard work and preparation for JT's grand late entrance. Fresh out of high-school JT began writing and rhyming; inspired by the various styles of hiphop music and the culture of the West Coast. Although JT has had his doubts about pursuing music, Fashionably Late is not about relinquishing to our fears, but instead, fulfilling our lives with purpose and passion. For many like JT, these purposes and passions happen to involve hiphop.

"I dream the day when I'll be heard by all the biggest nations
Big sensation, while everything that you built is in liquidation" - The Return

Fashionably Late is a lyrically polished project for an emcee with room to grow. There are plenty of metaphors and wordplay phrases throughout JT's debut album, behind competitive rhyme schemes that flex his pen game. JT does not take his first impression for granted; Fashionably Late showcases an all-or-nothing attitude and deliberate determination with every song. Almost like, he was late to a battle that he knew he was going to win. JT Hernandez is a self-motivated emcee that has something to prove every time he touches the mic on Fashionably Late.

"Damn your doomed, just match the gloom
of a setting where a wedding where you stand as groom
You married a failure, shit 
now that's something no man should do
Your antics prove
that when you swept it off its feet, it was you who said pass the broom" - Intro/Resurrection

While JT's first project is a raw piece, there is an aura of potential that looms over this 10 track introduction. The production for the album has a hardcore edge that wavers between gangsta trap and traditional hip-hop bangers. If you enjoy lyrically prolific emcees, this album will not disappoint. Let it be known, JT Hernandez is here and isn't taking no for an answer. You can stream and purchase Fashionably Late on all major music stores like Spotify, ITunes and more.

Favorite Tracks: All In, Let Em In, The Return

Production – 3/5 
Lyrics – 5/5 
Flow – 3/5 
Substance – 4/5 
Feel – 4/5 
Originality: 4/5 
Longevity – 3/5 
Overall – 3.7/5

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