Review: The Chem Clinic – Project Fallout

"We got the game up in our hands and we don't let go
Chasin after pesos just to watch a neck glow
Smoke rolled tight with the petro
Blowin on the best smoke, nigga fuck Metro" - We Deep

Deep in the core of Las Vegas underground hiphop, an active nucleus of emcees and producers has created the perfect rap weapon; concocted with an essential mix of lyricism, melodic boom-trap and a passion for the art, Project Fallout is one of the most explosive and progressive hardcore rap albums to ever emanate from the Las Vegas scene. Project Fallout is the debut collaboration album between the production team of The Chem Clinic, ROARX Beats, and Las Vegas emcees Profane, Tana Foreal, Teddy Mac, Harvey Listen, famous Las Vegas strip DJ, DJ Bambu, and several other talented artists. Project Fallout emerges as a pioneering piece of Las Vegas hiphop history; a double-sided album containing collaborations that will radiate unity throughout the 702 for years to come.

"God damn I'm fly, tell them boys see ya later
I got game in the field, like a muthafuckin rebel
This a dynasty, like Kobe with the Lakers
Got you thinkin that you're tight, but bitch I'm Greater" - Greater

The Chem Clinic established their production team in 2016 with the intent of creating incredible collaborations with talented Las Vegas emcees. They immediately began working on music with Profane, a heavily featured artist on Project Fallout, who has strong connections with the local Las Vegas hip-hop community. Over the next two years, this nucleus of Las Vegas veterans would fuse with emerging underground talent, becoming a nuclear family in many respects. With many hours of dedication from everyone involved with Project Fallout, these artists have begun the transmutation of Las Vegas unification.

Project Fallout is not a traditional rap album in any respect. While the 21 track album is loaded with hardcore trap bangers, it also features various party anthems, introspective boom-bap, and smooth contemporary R&B that seamlessly and cohesively blends itself because of the versatility of the talented artists featured on the project. ROARx productions, in particular, provide this fission within Project Fallout on tracks like "Company," "DeCypher," and "We Like To Party" that diversifies the elemental makeup of the album. J.Rod, Indica, Way2Gone, Chico Spitz, Yaitch, and Lady-H also contribute some of the best verses on Project Fallout with highly lyrical content that expresses the humble attitude and collaborative mindset demonstrated throughout the album process.

"Man they put me on game, this scene is cocaine
With thanks to Profane linkin me up with the Clinic
To put me in a position for demolition 
To get to mixin the final ingredients of whats missin" - W

Project Fallout is what many have been preaching for within the Las Vegas scene for years. Unity. While that ideal may have a relatively short half-life, this deadly combination of producers and emcees is as stable as they come. Project Fallout is an album that has longevity as an album series, and as a stand-alone project. The atomic clock has reached zero in Las Vegas, and this groundbreaking project represents a new era for the scene and our culture. You can purchase Project Fallout at, ITunes, or stream it with all major music providers.

Favorite Tracks: Company, Greater, Don't Forget Us

Production – 5/5 
Lyrics – 4/5 
Flow – 4/5 
Substance – 4/5 
Feel – 5/5 
Originality: 4/5 
Longevity – 5/5 
Overall – 4.4/5

36878464_10216314069028600_7973767966556684288_n (1)


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