Review: The Jones – The Book Of Jones

“I started meditating just to get my mind clear
But most medicate forget their mind outta here
I don’t do that, I don’t roll with no fear
I had to get myself right with the man in the mirror” - Final Words

Sometimes books can be judged by their cover, especially in hiphop. “The Book of Jones” is one of those books for Las Vegas emcee The Jones. While The Jones has numerous releases, including the Planet Jones series, this particular album is a true testament of the life and story behind the artist and his journey. “The Book of Jones” is a humble rendition for a polished emcee, but at times is brutally honest with what accomplishments The Jones has achieved in close to a decade of making music. Through hard work and passion for the art, The Jones has published and expressed his story for the world to hear, which is the true essence of emceeing.

“I’m seeing what it takes and I’m mind blown
Gotta get the wait cause I’m runnin right through a time zone
Keeping my skills hella fresh just like a pine cone 
Making sure I’m sharper and shining just like a rhinestone” - Grind

The Jones has dedicated “The Book of Jones” to his grandmother, who passed one day after the Oct. 1st tragedy here in Las Vegas. She has always been a highly inspirational person to The Jones and a major reason why he continues to tell his story through the art of hiphop. The album also features quotes from the world-renowned motivational speaker Eric Thomas in multiple tracks. These quotes and inspirations focus on work-ethic and the grind to manifest one's dreams and aspirations. Consistency is key, and The Jones has proven to be an incredibly consistent artist throughout his career.

“The Book of Jones” is a traditional EP, that lyrically expresses the motivations of The Jones and one that sonically infuses different styles of hiphop beats to define its message and feel. The album features collabs from Las Vegas artists Way2Gone of RKB, and Lika Shot, and includes productions from Dent One and Erik Beats. This album represents the closing of one chapter, and the start of another for The Jones, in a book that is continually being written. You can purchase "The Book of Jones" on Bandcamp, and can stream it on all major streaming platforms like Spotify and Itunes. Hard-disc copies are available for fans who like tangible albums for their collection!

“There are more subjects cookin on the menu
I gotta stop it here people to be continued” - The Story, Pt. 2

Favorite Tracks - The Story, Pt. 2, Grind, Final Words

Production – 4/5 
Lyrics – 4/5 
Flow – 4/5 
Substance – 4/5 
Feel – 4/5 
Originality: 4/5 
Longevity – 4/5 
Overall – 4/5

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