Review: Sauce is Mattise – Reflection of Self

"If self-reflection is a lesson, let it lend a hand 
I can’t accept the dead surrender of a better man 
What’s unacceptable’s a blessing, I don’t give a damn 
So why’m I questioning myself 
Not this again!" - Lately

Sauce is Matisse's latest EP, "Reflection of Self," is just that. This Virginia based emcee is no stranger to introspection, deep contemplation, all while trying to understand who he is and his purpose. Knowledge of Self is a key element of hiphop culture and Matisse delivers nothing short of a spectacular rendition that will leave you lost in the Sauce! Mattise has been referred to as a mental paradox, but through the music, he has been able to heal his pain and bridge the gap between himself as a human being, and himself as an emcee. The ego is put aside on "Reflection of Self," a necessary step in the growth of any person or artist.

"So we’ll let the muthafuckin migraines define us 
The fucking tunnel vision consumes our cunning intuition 
Intimate condition of true hurt 
You heard, but we never listen to fools’ words 
We’re on a mission for new dirt 
We’re a malignant tumor 
Soughing the drama up and begetting them rumors 
Whether it’s later or sooner 
Our head is gonna get in the way of seeing our true worth " - Hidden Egos

Each track on "Reflection of Self" is a specific message centered around thoughts, ideas, fears, regrets, psychosis and more from the complex mind of Mattise. Lyrically this album is something else - with incredibly intricate flows and rhyme schemes that showcase top-notch lyrical ability - or sauce as the kids like to say nowadays. In lyrical tirades, Sauce is Mattise ponders the thoughts of getting old, the human ego, his love for the craft vs. the business of the craft, his personal battles with depression, his peer-diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome, and even being abducted by the Anunnaki. While he's not completely serious about the latter, Sauce of Mattise provides an in-depth look at a complicated reflection in the mirror that once terrified him.

Every track is accompanied by slappin' beats that Sauce is Mattise produced himself! I can't help but get a Strange Music/Run The Jewels type vibe from this emcee who clearly displays a full arsenal of skills and abilities in the studio. But this album really isn't a glorification of himself like most hiphop today, but instead, the vilification of the person he was. Mattise is constantly critiquing himself to find growth in himself - and while he knows he's not perfect, the aspirations for better never reside. This is an emcee you can tell focuses much of his effort into what he creates and who he's creating. Sometimes as emcees we get caught in the gimmick and the facade/image we represent and build for ourselves. It is good to see a real artist who takes the time to go behind the curtain to make those relateable connections.

"The rap career that I never had's since passed 
But the vivid tracks living in Matt give him a path 
But this is not about the failed rapper's act 
It's about the passion and masking the fact that it's a wrap " - Untitled

You can purchase or stream "Reflection of Self" by Sauce if Mattise on Spotify, ITunes, Bandcamp and most major music platforms!
Also check out Mattise's website for music and social media links!

Favorite Tracks: Hidden Egos, Lately, Untitled

Production – 5/5 
Lyrics – 5/5 
Flow – 4/5 
Substance – 5/5 
Feel – 5/5 
Originality: 5/5 
Longevity – 4/5 
Overall – 4.7/5



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