Review: RealTalk (The Metaphor Messiah) – King Slayer Turned King


“Coming for the top spot, come to take your chop shop
Wanna go to war? I used to live right next Fort Knox” - King Slayer Turned King

Many leaders who have risen to power throughout history have taken the crown by force, often through brutal and devious methods. In the rap battlefield - RealTalk The Metaphor Messiah was never afraid to challenge the authority; to be king you have to slay the king. At all costs, RealTalk has built an underground empire that has risen to conquer all. He plans to maintain his title and his crown for the long haul too with his latest EP “King Slayer Turned King.”

RealTalk is a true jack of all trades emcee, a trait of many kings who were skilled and adaptable. If you have ever heard a Metaphor Messiah project you will understand that this is an artist that completely conceptualizes his art, his message, and his character. The project is a culmination of a lot of hard-work, persistence and ambition for a crown ripe for the taking. A long traveler, RealTalk has provided a steady flow, lyrically clever content and inspirational motifs in every city his wishes to build within. King Slayer Turned King is the anthem for anyone who believes it is time to take what they deserve.

“Smoke good, Chi-Town my old hood
Move me out to that Vegas shit now I’m getting closer to Hollywood
Pardon ya, I will leave the team if you ain’t wit it
So I told my mans the truth, I felt like Kyrie when I did it” - Rise of an Empire

King Slayer Turned King was recorded at one of Las Vegas’s premier recording studios - The Hideout, and features production from 24/7, Geesus, and Slickbeck. The ambience of the project under their advisory gives this king a proper introduction with an epic soundtrack of courted theatrics and horns curated into hip-hop bangers. Much of the EP is short interludes that explain and analyze the accomplishments of The Legacy. This fundamentally sound emcee reigns supreme with this record, a true lyrical display of great feats. You can purchase and stream King Slayer Turned King and other great projects from RealTalk The Metaphor Messiah on YouTube, Spotify and ITunes! Subscribe and follow as well on YouTube & Twitter 

“You an act, Mckie Phifer 
If you nice, I’m nicer
Bad guy, Rowdy Piper
I am legend, Richard Pryor
Boy you know I got them flames
Kiss of death it’s on your blades
Shade game Johnny Cage
That’s a Jordan fadeaway” - Baal

Favorite Songs - Rise of an Empire, King Slayer Turned King, Baal

Production – 4/5 
Lyrics – 4/5 
Flow – 5/5 
Substance – 4/5 
Feel – 5/5 
Originality: 5/5 
Longevity – 4/5 
Overall – 4.5/5

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