Beef Season Vol. 2 – Kennedy Clark vs. Kaine Sosa

It's beef season y'all, so you know what that means. Expect lots of shit talking, saltiness and hopefully entertaining and heated diss tracks! This season, we have two LV Heavyweights colliding: Kennedy Clark and Kaine Sosa - both vets in the scene and well respect in their crafts.  The beef started with a "King of the City" event at the Beauty Bar where Kennedy Clark believes some questionable judging took place in the early rounds of the competition. Hostilities were flared after Kaine Sosa won "King of the City," someone who Kennedy has respect for, but the two have thrown shade and mostly avoided a direct conflict for the past few weeks.  Within hours after the competition, Kennedy Clark took shots at Kaine Sosa for avoiding the conflict in a diss called "About Last Night." Sosa initially remained quiet but dropped a response the same day entitled "JFK," talking about Kennedy's jealousy with a fair share of rebuttals.  The greatest thing about this beef other being between two great emcees is the fact that it's strictly a hip-hop beef fueled by the competitiveness of two rappers, all on wax, not trickling into the streets. Both artists have admitted it's nothing personal, just some fiery competition.  ENJOY - you be the judge!

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