Review: DDiiamonds – Pack Just Landed

"We ain't ever gonna fall" - Get A Bag Together

DDiiamonds second EP of 2017: Pack Just Landed, is a starter kit of hustlers ambition derived from the passion for the grind. The rap game is 10% talent and 90% business; D knows in order to invest in himself properly, hard work and money is key to any success. That business first mindset has created many opportunities for DDiiamonds in the last few years - in the streets networking and helping him to release fire anthems and slappers you can hustle too. Pack Just Landed is music you stack your bread too; we eating good LV!

"We are not the same
I make moves put the motion in play" - Just Landed

Pack Just Landed gives you mainstream production and quality on a completely underground project. Producers for the project include Cash Money Ap, Kid Ocean, and Decinco. The flare, swag, and adlibs bring the hype club sound to life on Pack Just Landed - DDiiamonds latest EP delivers a complete package of street hustler vs. bad boy superstar that is highly entertaining and motivating - reminds me a lot of a young Wiz Khalifa. DDiiamonds is chasing dreams - with sharp business acumen and catchy bangers that savvy hustler grind will pay off. Whether you wanna get this bag together, or he has to fly dolo and move in silence, ain't nothing gonna stop DDiiamonds pack from landing. Touchdown Vegas.

Favorite Tracks: Get A Bag Together, Just Landed

Production –5/5
Lyrics – 3/5
Flow – 4/5
Substance – 2/5
Feel – 4/5
Originality: 3/5
Longevity – 3/5
Overall – 3.5/5

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