Review: Lost Elements – The UniverSOUL E.P.


“With every step I take, I leave it all behind me 
Progress on the road again is where you’ll find me” - A Mile Away

The universe works in mysterious ways, and for the Lost Elements crew of Big Skoon, Datz Diggy and C-Will that couldn’t be more true. The group's alignment happened under the bright lights of Las Vegas, cyphering at local hip-hop shows. With everyone catching the vibe, Lost Elements was born to reignite the classic styles lost between the elements. Three emcees collide from different cities unite in Las Vegas for a supernova of flows on the debut EP UniverSOUL. The EP is characterized by the universally loved sound of authentic hip-hop, Break your neck bars and relatable good feel music.

“This that break your face flow 
Need a neck brace cause the beat is so cold
Challenge C-Will you get mangled and humbled 
Big kid posted up like Alonzo 
Against me you ain’t got a shot like Rondo” Verbal Revolver

Classic defines this project, with a back and forth style reminiscent of the legendary trio - The LOX. This type of back-and-forth energy is behind the boombap flare of Big Skoon from Polar Beats Productions, where the sample work for this EP is jazzy, funky, and produces songs that fit different moods. Asides from the punchlines, UniverSOUL delivers strong messages, songs to get hype too, and even a track for the beautiful supportive women in our lives.

“When it rains it pours you’ll never catch me drizzling 
These funny rappers got your boy giggling 
Stop playin man you cracking me up 
Y’all wack rappers start packin it up 
We goin nuts now!” - Crowd Control

UniverSOUL strives to return the true emcee back to the forefront of hip-hop culture. The emcee who has a dope flow, well-crafted bars and punchlines and of course touches on relatable topics. Lost Elements packages all this matter into there EP - with nothing frivolous about the music as it reflects the thoughts, feelings, and styles of this dynamic trio. You can purchase your copy of UniverSOUL on Bandcamp!

Favorite Tracks: A Mile Away, Crowd Control, Verbal Revolver

Production –4/5
Lyrics – 4/5
Flow – 4/5
Substance – 5/5
Feel – 5/5
Originality: 4/5
Longevity – 4/5
Overall – 4.3/5

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