Review: Way2Gone – #JustWaitOnIt



“Damn I am aware
I’m grabbing the mic because my time is here
I’m making sure my eyes on the road and hands on the steer
Cause I know that my tribe is feared” – Just Drive

#JustWaitOnIt is the latest mixtape from one half of them Rippa Killa Boys (RKB), Way2Gone, showcasing himself as a solo artist while giving the listener an introspective look into the ambitions, thoughts, and expectations of this hungry Vegas emcee. JustWaitOnIt breathes Vegas hip-hop culture with numerous features from local artists like T-Reble, Indica, Trippy Caliber, APH, Y_aitcH, Polani, DuckyDiamonds and his partner in rippin’, C-$. Emotions ride high for Way2Gone on this mixtape because of the personal nature of the project, which exhibits the hardcore murderous emcee alongside stories of his troubled past and perseverance.

Through it all, Way2Gone prides himself on his integrity as an emcee and a man; someone who is loyal to his people and has never switched up for finer pastures. #JustWaitOnIt is a mixtape that isn’t shy about calling out the fakes either – because when music saved your life like it has Way2Gone, there is a certain level of seriousness and honor reserved when grabbing the mic. Make no mistake, Way2Gone brutalizes the mic with heavy hitting bars over melodic trap bangers. This mixtape shows two sides of the artist, what created the monster, and the monster himself. We’re all a product of our environment and Way2Gone can’t help but be real with his expression of that on #JustWaitForIt.

“I remember the facts, so don’t get it twisted
Everyone got swag but the knowledge still missin'”

#JustWaitOnIt gets incredibly deep for a mixtape with tracks like Storytelling that detail the childhood of Way2Gone dealing with alcoholic parents, his drug abuse and how hip-hop has helped him out of that struggle through its expression. Way2Gone’s #JustWaitOnIt also touches on numerous pet peeves that are visible throughout the hip-hop scene, such as fake love and support from two-faced people. But all of that remains in the peripheral as Way2Gone focuses on his goals and aspirations moving forward. It is only a matter of time before those dreams are manifested, so from RUN and Way2Gone, we ask that you just wait for it. You can listen to #JustWaitOnIt on SoundCloud – hard copies are also available with Way2Gone & Jas Gallagher.

Favorite Songs: Overdose, Just Drive, Pablo feat. Trippy Caliber

Production –5/5
Lyrics – 4/5
Flow – 3/5
Substance – 4/5
Feel – 5/5
Originality: 4/5
Longevity – 4/5
Overall – 4.1/5


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