Review: IDKro – Jimi from the Veg

"Inside each and every one of us is one true authentic swing, something we were born with, something that is our and ours alone." - Bagger Vance

IDKro's debut album "Jimi from the Veg" is a true expression of the artist and the human being, someone who is inspired by his own struggles, sacrifice, and ambitions. Hip-hop culture and music has truly inspired IDKro, but "Jimi from the Veg," is an album with a self-motivated attitude about creating one's own lane with creativity and sound rather than emulating what he has come to love. 'Jimi from the Veg" steps out of the box in that IDKro came out of his comfort zone with this project, expressing some dark times while challenging himself to achieve better.

The unique essence of IDKro as an emcee comes from his funky flow patterns accompanied by clever wordplay and metaphors. I would liken it to a combination of old-school lyrical skill with a new school swagger. His cadence and wit give the album some comical relief even amidst tracks like Room 288 which talks about living out of his families car and hotel rooms for extended periods, just praying for hope. Hope is what has pushed IDKro into the next chapter of his life, which is already looking much brighter for the young Vegas emcee.

"Add it up to success, I guess I did show some
Arthimitic lyricist ain't that sum?" - Jimi from the Veg

There is a lot of different energy emitting from this album because of the dichotomy between old/new - entertainment/substance. The production, which ranges from funky, pop, trap also makes for a diverse and interesting hip-hop experience. Each song is almost like listening to a completely different project, but the cohesion within each song is exceptional, focused and purposeful. However, IDKro has never been shy about switching it up, starting anew or changing the scenery, proclaiming "L.A. L.V. Where we livin never had no limits." It is this change and fresh perspective which makes "Jimi from the Veg" an album that fits whatever attitude you choose to hold for the day. You can listen to "Jimi from the Veg" by IDKro on Spotify and ITunes!

Favorite Songs: Been Dope, I.E., Jimi from the Veg

Production –4/5
Lyrics – 5/5
Flow – 5/5
Substance – 3/5
Feel – 3/5
Originality: 5/5
Longevity – 3/5
Overall – 4/5

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