Review: Guns N’ Butter

“Secluded in Las Vegas the land of the lost
Where we hold court in the street with our own set of laws” – I Won’t Die

The great One Be Lo once said, “I shoulda shot and emcee for tryna steal my butter.” You should’ve known it gets real in a city full of hungry emcees, and Kalipso comes out guns blazing with his latest MacroFi installment. Guns N’ Butter is a complete collaboration between Kalipso and Prof. Def of the MacroFi collective and is the second full project written and produced by the tandem. While their first project “Ghetto Passport” was strictly a collaboration between Kalipso, Prof Def, and fellow MC, Kartoon – Guns N’ Butter features many local artists from the Las Vegas music scene and others collectively connected to MacroFi. The album features a plethora of Vegas talent including Mr. Ebranes, Chronologic, Dizzy Wright, Jessica Manalo, Oddity, Vessel, HighDro and Mugz Poundz. Guns N’ Butter contains thirteen tracks of highly relatable content synchronized with an authentic West Coast alternative hip-hop vibe.

Guns N’ Butter is an incredibly smooth album that appeals to any hip-hop music fan because it is comprised of many different emcee styles and topics that both men and women can enjoy. The album opens and ends on a classic West Coast tip, where inspirations of Tupac and his legacy continue to shine through the darkness of Sin City. Kalipso also gets his Bone Thugs on with Dizzy Wright, so we can see how the album takes on relatable personas that give this project a real classic feel. The songs “She Likes,” “BBW” and “I Don’t Wanna Be” are jams that can speak to the ladies, where tracks like “Keep Smoking,” “Family First” and “Get Cha Mind Right” work to speak for the fellas. When I say speak, I mean that literally because Kalipso is a passionate and poetic emcee, and while his goofy and groovy rhymes may entertain, he shares a strong message for hip-hop and the culture with Guns N’ Butter.

“While single moms slang weed to feed their seed
The schoolhouse fucked up the kids can’t read
And mainstream rap sucks, they say the same thing
It’s all commercialism in how they change things” – Ghetto Anthem

Production on the album from Prof Def of Naked City Studios is excellent in that it also combines different styles of hip-hop instrumentation that gives certain tracks like “Ghetto Anthem” and “At Night” an old-school boombap vibe, where others titles like “Here We Are Now” and “Post-Apocalyptic Rap” use futuristic synth work to appeal to today’s dynamic hip-hop scenery with a fresh sound. Guns N’ Butter is also composed of live drum patterns that complete the authentic hip-hop aesthetic missing from a lot of today’s rap music. Having made two albums together and numerous other works, Prof Def and Kalipso have a chemistry in the studio that is showcased on Guns N’ Butter – where the feel of the album is cohesive and well put together making it a project that stands to remain in your rotation for years to come. You can purchase your copy of Gun N’ Butter on CDBaby – hard copies available!

Favorite Songs: Post-Apocalyptic Rap, She Likes, Get Cha Mind Right

Production –5/5
Lyrics – 4/5
Flow – 4/5
Substance – 4/5
Feel – 5/5
Originality: 4/5
Longevity – 5/5
Overall – 4.4/5

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