Review: Musab & Ink Well Present MInk – Intellectual Property

What's a MInk? It's a highly intellectual product of the soul, harvested from the finest sources of musical composition under the trademark of Rhymesayers. MInk's "Intellectual Property" is an album ten years in the making between emcee Musab (Sab The Artist) and producer Ink Well, a 16 track culmination of their creative aspirations here in Sin City. This collaboration fuses socially conscious lyrics of timeless relevance with the soul and passion of live instrumentation we experienced during the golden eras of rock and hip hop.

Lyrically, Musab brings polish to the mic. The Original Rhymesayer's use of clever wordplay and multis are what you would expect from a traditional Musab (Sab The Artist) project. The album brings many social injustices and conscious topics into perspective that challenges the listener to think deeply about the what our society faces. Musab uses the problems of the day to fuel his creative energy, channeling the oppression and deceit in the world into one of his best albums to date. However, while mainly a conscious album, MInk's work has a pure hip hop feel that will make you wanna dance and chant along as well. Some songs, particularly, Riot, Black Panther Leather, and Transrich appear to be titled consciously but lack the substance of tracks like Talk and Wash The Blood. All in all, Musab's lyrical display is that of top notch emcee who can attack the beat with a variety of subjects. Musab is definitely not a rapper for fans of the Dr. Suess rhyme schemes we see in the mainstream today.

"Mink earmuffs, no bling but I'm geared up
I don't drink pink weird stuff"

Ink Well's production on Intellectual Property is fantastically crafted with a mix of aggressive yet smooth motifs using multiple instruments. The live instrumentation from Ink Well brings an authentic hip hop vibe, but also a revolutionary vibe comparative to the music created during the Civil Rights movements and the conscious rock music of the 1960s and 70s. This is an album that will have hip hop heads and the hippies head noddin'. Ink Well also engineers the album flawlessly with crisp vocals that hit every pocket of each album beat.

"Human don't change we grow
Some of y'all grew into the worst little things I know
When your twisted in the brain it shows
Instead of uplifting others, you drain the soul" - Mississippi Mud 17'

MInk isn't for the faint of heart. The reality that sets in is brutal, that we are sacrificing God for our desires, killing to appease our own tastes and living for that gratitude. We seldom care for each other like we do our property, where some would put a higher price on things like a mink coat than a human life. But we got to be above that. Intellectual Property speaks to our earthly desires by instead putting the mind on a pedestal while fueling our satisfaction through the understanding of conscious and thought-provoking content. You can find Musab & Ink Well's project "Intellectual Property" on all major streaming platforms, or you can purchase the album on Bandcamp!

Favorite Songs: Talk, Mink Everything, Wash The Blood

Production –5/5
Lyrics – 5/5
Flow – 3/5
Substance – 4/5
Feel – 5/5
Originality: 4/5
Longevity – 4/5
Overall – 4/5

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