Review: Vonno – Still Official

"I've been on that tunnel vision focusing on coming up" - At My Fingertips

The finish line is in sight, it's just a matter of where Vonno will place now. Inspired by that race for the top, Vonno's first project "Still Official" paces itself towards a defined goal focused on respect and financial security. The motto for Vonno is one step at a time with determination and hustle motivating every move for this Las Vegas emcee. While the paper chase is the ribbon cutter, Vonno also wants you to respect each leg of his journey in this rat race we call the rap game.

"Ain't no handouts, my position needs a check to move
I don't need approval, diamond in the rough I've been a jewel
Niggas sleep like Benadryl, bitch I've been like pillow cool
Sucka free and sucka proof, gassin shit like fossil fuel" - On My P's & Q's

Vonno has always been official. Every move is calculated to better his situation. With a refined taste, the grind needs to be that more precise and efficient. Still Official portrays the aspirations of the artist thoroughly expressed in poetic form. In my opinion, the album gets better as it goes along because you can sense the progress being made. The motto of one step at a time permeates through the development of the album. Vonno's first installment is full of bangers, an energy that is essential in motivating himself towards his ultimate desires.

"Vonno keep it lit, like Bic, I'm the lighter fluid
Keep the flame lit, that's the only thing that matter through it
Take less and give more, that's just how I've done it
I got game you'll get schooled, I'm not a teacher or a student
I'm the one that changed for good and never switched up on some new shit" - Struggles

Vonno's goal for the Still Official album is to simply finish. No race is ever easy. To finish takes a patience, resilience, and a lot of heart. Vonno understands that the embodiment of those characteristics will achieve him the accolades he desires. In the end, as long as that competitive fire continues to burn there will always be a light guiding him. Still Official is available on all major music streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, etc).

Favorite Songs: Struggles, Money Counter, All Gas No Breaks

Production –4/5
Lyrics – 4/5
Flow – 3/5
Substance – 3/5
Feel – 4/5
Originality: 3/5
Longevity – 4/5
Overall – 3.6/5

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