Review: A.M.D. – Sum2CrusieToo

"Make the music, serve the feenz and go chase my dreams" Those Who Wait

While most people are bumping radio trash in their vehicles, Americas Most Dope (A.M.D.) is manifesting cruise control vibes that let you know hip hop is alive and well. A.M.D's mixtape "Sum2CruiseToo" is derived from the source of hip hop, one that pays homage to West Coast legends and showcases many styles of the genres on one cohesive project. This six track tape provides a smooth groove of tasteful production alongside picturesque bars that take you on a short ride through the East side of Las Vegas.

As hip hop heads, we believe there should be a balance to what we ride through the city too. Some like to turn up, but other appreciate a more melodic vibe that eases the mind. Sum2CruiseToo is the best of both worlds, where songs like Those Who Wait and Let's Ride provide the energy for the project, while others like Hip Hop Heads and Players Anthem bless you with soulful inspiration over smooth flows. The production has a classic boombap feel, but more like a boomtrap album without the traditional gritty snare/high-hat essence. A.M.D. carefully chose each beat to parlay with the "crusin" vibe, but also picked production that compliments his rap style.

"You gotta mean walk, that's why I smooth talk, that's what got you the look
Break business moves, so I invest in you so we can see our stock" - Waiting On You

Compiled with smooth jams, bangers, sentimental songs, street songs, as well as an East Coast and West Coast experience that can elevate any mood, A.M.D's Sum2CruiseToo provides a little something for everybody. The listener can simultaneously feel like they're on their mafioso fly tip, while still attaching themselves to the struggle and grind portrayed by A.M.D. The different styles used on this project speak to an eclectic Vegas scene with highly relatable bars reminiscent of the OG's that paved the way. A.M.D puts his heart and soul into Sum2CruiseToo, a project reflective of himself, his city and his ambitions as a rider. You can download Sum2CruiseToo by AMD on Datpiff or stream it above through SoundCloud!

"Been through so much there's no more sole on my shoes
How you gonna play me when I run the game?
How you gonna say you fly, when I run the plane?" - Players Anthem

Favorite Songs - Let's Ride, Players Anthem (G-MIX)

Production –5/5
Lyrics – 3/5
Flow – 5/5
Substance – 4/5
Feel – 5/5
Originality: 3/5
Longevity – 4/5
Overall – 4.1/5

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