Review: Modern Day Soulja – Be Blessed

Be Blessed is more than an album for the California native Modern Day Soulja. Be Blessed is a mindstate, a mantra that MDS chooses to live by after all the struggles and hardships he has faced throughout his life. Losing his brother years back put this soldier is a dark place; a place where Soulja felt his spirit was at war, confused, conflicted and searching for inspiration. Be Blessed is the sunshine after the storm, the light at the end of the tunnel that motivated him to keep pushing with his music. His last album "Spiritual Warfare" talks about the spiritual exhaustion caused by grief and depression, where the album Be Blessed is a change towards a more positive message, one full of wisdom, understanding, care, and compassion.

"It's real easy all you gotta do is smile
Delivering high-frequency vibes into the crowd
All that good energy flippin the frown upside down
Lookin up to the clouds now that's where you can be found" - Be Blessed

The care and compassion start with the production from Phil Da Pain, who blesses the entire album with uplifting melodies, soulful samples, and mellow, inspirational vibes. Be Blessed has a boombap feel that meshes well with the styles of Modern Day Soulja. MDS is a true lyricist inspired by emcees who use hip hop to spread positivity. Even though this Soulja is living in a modern day, there is a classic element to this album that gives it that authentic hip hop flavor. The features from young, polished females singers Sophia Rose and Chrxstal, increase the ambiance of the project by adding an R&B feel to this pure hip hop album.

Modern Day Soulja is an idealist, an optimist and a free spirit who wants us to know that the world is ours for the taking. MDS wants us to value our potential and live in the moment so to appreciate the blessings in front of us. Immersed in self-doubt at one time, Modern Day Soulja wants us to believe in ourselves like he believes in the message of hip hop. "Each one teach one" is the motto for this album, where the hope is to better prepare the youth with a positive mindset that cultivates success mentally and emotionally. While Be Blessed may sound kind of preachy, the album is relatable because of its shared experiences focused on preparing those who are forced to face similar emotions and heartache. Be Blessed also shares messages that are a direct result of that heartache, where every bar is straight from the strengthened heart of Modern Day Soulja

"I wonder if you ever were told
You got an old soul with a heart made of gold
Treasure in your chest you just gotta unlock it
Cause you honestly rich without a dime in your pocket" - Heart of Gold

Be Blessed is an album full of gems for your ears and your soul. Modern Day Soulja puts his skills and knowledge on display for this ten track album that promotes healthy living, positive thinking and what is most important to us in life; love, family, and knowledge of self. Anyone who can appreciate these principles will have Be Blessed in a steady rotation for a long time! Be Blessed by Modern Day Soulja is available everywhere, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Favorite Songs: Good Day, Be Blessed, Heart of Gold

Production –5/5
Lyrics – 5/5
Flow – 4/5
Substance – 5/5
Feel – 5/5
Originality: 4/5
Longevity – 5/5
Overall – 4.7/5

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