Review: RealTalk (The Metaphor Messiah) – Black Mozart

RealTalk is not one to play games with his artistry. The Metaphor Messiah is cut from that cloth of conscious emcees that utilizes their style to not only speak to the listener but also to entertain them. Inspired by other artistic visionaries, Black Mozart is a true piece of cultural appreciation representing the talented prodigies RealTalk has modeled in his own art. RealTalk's thirteen track album is built off the inspiration of other musical talents and the motivational message of the composer itself.

The production of the album featuring D.R.U.G.S, Evol Genius, and J F Beats, incorporates symphonic elements that hype up the emcee behind the mic. The pace of the project fluctuates but never stagnant in its appeal to any hip hop fan. RealTalk packed the entire album with bangers and sampled instrumentation that will have you and your speakers jumpin! Beyond the message, the album provides entertainment value in The Metaphor Messiah's use of intricate lyrics and flow patterns that find the pocket of each beat precisely. On Black Mozart, RealTalk lives up to his trademark as a metaphor genius.

"Put the flame to your noodle
All my niggas strapped they get to fightin like Naruto
You don't want that war I'm Ronda Rousey with the Judo
Tryna hit the weed that shit that takes me out to Pluto" - Recognize A Classic

Motivated by conscious hip hop albums and great composers, RealTalk's frames a message that speaks to the current generation - to live your dreams and pursue your passions no matter what your background is. Where there is serious talent there is also career, respect from the field, and money follows suit. Believing he was born for the hip hop game, RealTalk uses Black Mozart to permeate the message of perseverance through the display of skills he has been building his entire life. As a true emcee, one with a message and skill, Real Talk is at the forefront of keeping the culture strong for our next generation.

"Hip Hop will never need a eulogy
They give us 10% they tryna take away gratuity" - Morning Light

Black Mozart showcases the "the truth" of RealTalk with talent and entertaining flows on an album with no features and flashes a Midwest energy from this Chicago native. RealTalk dubs this album "Motivational Hip Hop," a credit to the classic artistry that inspired him, what has modeled his own experience and what he wishes to teach the next generation about his passion for hip hop and truth. Black Mozart is also about the life we should lead for ourselves, to stay inspired and motivated by our own growth as artists and people and what gave life to us in the first place. You can purchase this project and his additional releases at

Best Songs: Notice Me, Morning Light, New World

Production – 4/5
Lyrics – 5/5
Flow – 4/5
Substance – 5/5
Feel – 4/5
Originality: 4/5
Longevity – 5/5
Overall – 4.4/5

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