Review: Mike Xavier – Resilience

Only people resilient enough to chase their dreams will make it out the struggle; no situation is impossible to persevere with a little faith in yourself, the support of your loved ones and the man above. Those are our words, but the single father emcee and young sage himself, Mike Xavier, would entice you with the same sentiments. MX is one of the most positive hip hop artists Las Vegas has ever known, humbled by the struggle, he challenged himself to be great, to manifest his dreams and to use his natural talent to never let his family and community down. Resilience tells the story of that journey in so many words.

Although only a five track EP, Mike Xavier's second project takes you through his trials, tribulations, and motivations baring the soul of MX. He is just trying to speak his peace hoping you sing along. Mike's piece of mind never fails to remain relatable, sharing his own experiences and wisdom, while also empathetically painting pictures of the struggles he sees within all of humanity. His first project Visionary assumed the latter, while Resilience is really a testament to Mike's own struggle and how he never lets hope leave him.

"Back at home they just had to cut the lights off
I can't afford a sitter for the night job
And so I'm writin verses prayin in these churches
Hoping that this music gon' take off" - Hard Times

If inspiration wasn't enough, Mike Xavier has the kind of hip hop positive message that resembles the conscious emcees that influenced his style which emphatically empowering the listener towards a brighter day. Mike has routinely touched on subjects like police brutality, poverty, the power of unconditional love, having a steady father figure and the other cultural pandemics Mike wishes would change, but MX knows he has to be that change; that beacon of hope, the one that holds other accountable and shows them what is righteous.

His dedication to the craft is impeccable, making sure every beat on Resilience flowed with the next, locking himself in his car for hours everyday self-mixing and mastering, on top of writing and recording some of the most heartfelt lyrics of his career. The production value of this EP speaks to the soul, with original samples from saxophonists, trumpeters that give chills to the listener. Resilience has an ethereal feel; MX is not only sharing what he feels in his soul, but he wants you to feel it in yours too.

Everything is a blessing to Mike Xavier, who was raised out of a car early in his life, struggled as a single father with an insufficient job and has probably paid more karmic dues than the average person. Luckily, things are looking extremely bright for Mike Xavier - packing shows, rocking live bands with his gift of gab and is living out the dreams he always strived for. Anyone who ever doubted MX is in for a rude awakening.

"The wanna see me fail but they won't get that satisfaction" - Sing Along

You can catch Mike Xavier Friday, August 18th LIVE@The Bunkhouse Saloon for the Resilience EP Release Show, where he will be performing this project with a live band! Tickets available here!

Production – 5/5 Lyrics – 5/5 Flow – 5/5 Substance – 5/5 Feel – 5/5 Originality: 4/5 Longevity – 4/5 Overall – 4.7/5 Favorite Tracks: Speak My Peace, Sing Along

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