Rap Is War: LV Beef 2017

So if you didn't know, 2017 sparked some serious beef for the Las Vegas scene, between Phil A and BLT which is Ivory & Vessel.  Past events and words exchanged over public forums complicated the situation between the artists and some artists affiliated with both sides. Ivory took the first shot with "Fuck Phil A," it's hard to be more direct than that, but Phil A declined to respond to the diss track.  Vessel, who also has beef with the beat making MC dropped a diss against Phil entitled "Rap Is War," a mock of Phil A's rap label Rap Is Fun. The diss was well received and prompted Phil to respond after the buzz of the diss grew. Phil A responded the same night with "High Stressel," using it more for the publicity than a serious beef. However, tension is still in the air and now after Vessel took his diss down for a period of time, the diss track is back on Soundcloud.  Can we expect a response from Vessel, or Ivory, or maybe on their BLT project? War usually isn't one battle, stay tuned!

Below are the 3 diss tracks to this date. Who do you think has had the best track so far?

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