Review: Vic Smith – Brennan

The countdown begins. We're counting the minutes before Vic Smith's introspective first album Brennan, breaks the threshold of Las Vegas and is recognized on other major platforms. Brennan's inspiration comes from the story of Vic's older brother who passed away as a baby, but for the emcee, this bond is forever and never fragmented. This album is a testament of homage and love for lost ones, something Vic has always wanted to do with his music. Not only is Vic Smith's first project paying homage to his late brother Brennan, but to hip-hop itself, however eclectic the production value, the lyrics and the message present in the album exudes innovation, progression, focus, and freedom.

"Image is lost it's never retained
It's never the same X2
Leave the world with some inspiration
I'd take the bait before pure gold
Come to grips with your intuition
Here the whispers of your soul
Steer you down the road your on
It's all your own" - Take You There

Track 6, Demons was an intricate part of the early creation process of Brennan, as it allowed Vic to express his struggles and battles at the base of an otherwise confident rapper appeal. We all battle demons, but even on a track like this, we see a lively, humble artist expressing how he truly feels, giving perspective into the spiritual battle we all come to grips with in our lives. The ominous uptick production from Noize lends itself to this type of track and compliments the vocal and lyrical elements of Vic's abilities. Both angels and demons reside in this artist, creating an aesthetic dichotomy characterized throughout the album. "I can see my angel we all got one that's inside us" - March 3rd

Vic Smith's journey is one of calculated moves, experiences defining his moral compass, taking nothing for granted and putting his heart into the art. It is evident from Brennan that Vic lives for hip-hop, his family, his virtues, the love, and comradery of his peers in the Las Vegas. We have to wonder though if there is a bigger motivation behind Vic in pursuing these goals and dreams? At the crest of his wave, Vic's potential is limitless because of how polished he is as an emcee. That, with the combination of different styles of production touching multiple genres of music, there is a chance Vic Smith's Brennan album can be shaped into something of national appeal.

Brennan gives the listener a little of everything, from deep tracks front to back like Let Me Breathe and March 3rd respectively - to a more swag turn up vibe in the songs Limitations and Flex. This array of limitless abilities and flexibility makes it certain Vic Smith is too legit to quit - what a paradox. In particular, Rocketship is a track that has massive potential for reaching other major platforms behind production completely by Vic himself. This song could certainly "take off;" I envision this track on the next NBA 2K soundtrack, or on a NIKE Basketball commercial. We've encouraged Vic to take that route because he can only grow and move forward from here.

Not a lot of artists have the kind of commercial potential Vic Smith has while still embodying the ethics and elements of hip-hop. Vic is one who really puts the craft first in his music, but still generates hits, bangers, and transcends different genres with his unique perspective. Brennan is an album that has something for every type of popular music fan and for Rebel Underground it will be a pleasure to see this young cat grow and to see how this release impacts his future. You can be certain that the future is bright.

Production – 5/5
Lyrics – 4/5
Flow – 4/5
Substance – 4/5
Feel – 4/5
Originality: 4/5
Longevity – 5/5
Overall – 4.3/5

Best Tracks: Rocketship, Let Me Breathe, Demons




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