Review: T-Reble – Original Sin

We all got a story. Original Sin is just that for T-Reble, where the second project in his "Marvel" mixtape series takes you through the up, downs, trials and relationships of the man behind the mic. The "Marvel" inspiration for the mixtape comes to play with the song titles which are all named after specific events or characters within the comic universe - with interesting names like Iron Man, Mary Jane Watson, The Watchers, and Hank Pym to state a few. The album is comprised of topics related to T-Reble's Marvel obsession, his weed addiction, the love and heartbreaks he has dealt with, as well as his humble beginnings.

"People countin' on me so I been countin' the fetti
Y'all know how I feel like Tom Petty
Roaches was my only parents growin up
By the age of 13 I was rollin blunts
No food in my fridge as a kid
So the only reason why I went to school was to go to lunch
What you know about that?" - Ant-Man

The standout elements of the project are the passion in T-Reble's delivery and the in-the-pocket flow that the Las Vegas emcee uses. I'd compare his style to a grimier, more authentic Meek Mill where he displays various flows with catchy melodies throughout the tracks. The production on the mixtape stands out with all industry beats. Original Sin is full of bangers and other joints that fit whatever mood the listener wants to vibe with.

Jim Mercer, a great head on the scene had some comments for the mixtape stating, "Right from the start T-Reble lets the listener know he isn't playing games. Even with the grit manifested on the record, T-Rebel's lyrics do not come across the listener as abrasive, but from a passion and fire that delivered him from the rough times in his life. This is a mixtape I could show to a mainstream fan that would introduce them to a whole underground hip hop scene of real talent; this project really transcends both levels. The combination of the industry bangers with the authenticity of T-Reble's story makes for a great listen on them long Sin City nights."

Production – 4/5
Lyrics – 4/5
Flow – 5/5
Substance – 4/5
Feel – 3/5
Originality: 3/5
Longevity – 4/5
Overall – 3.9/5

Best Tracks: Ant-Man, Power Man, Mary Jane Watson feat. Indica & PhazeOne

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