Review: Lil Beast – Sake & Green Crack

Who is Lil Beast? We may never know. However, you should familiarize yourself with this young, talented emcee.

“Always got the fuzzy mask on
Always got some fuckin nice kicks
Always lookin out for the family
That's the only reason I exist” - Outer Space

Lil Beast dropped his first EP in April entitled “Sake & Green Crack,” a great mix of the anime and marijuana cultures represented throughout the project. LB's rhythm is on a different level, like something you'd hear from a mumble rapper, except this kid is kicking bars! The mask is a representation of the beast behind the lyrics; the beast inside himself. Las Vegas tends to have that effect on people, and it takes tenacity to see through that mask. "I'm tryna see an M like Saint Rose & Las Vegas.”

But underneath that mask is undoubtedly pure Hip Hop from a kid who puts elements of the craft in songs, combining and meshing different influences to create an interesting dynamic on the microphone. I don't think I've heard someone rock an autotune this well since Lil Wayne in his prime. This whole album is a hypnotic journey behind the life and motivations of “an animal just tryna find God,” something we all take for granted in the city of sin. In this city, it is eat or be eaten and LB knows this well, expressing this feeling on songs like “Wasting My Time,” “Bad For Me,” and “Life I Deserve.”

The homie Cam Citi touched on the album as well stating, “Lil Beast finds himself dealing with the temptations of all that Sin City nightlife has to offer, all while trying to maintain a level head and stay focused on the dreams at hand. It's full of melodic hooks with commercial appeal and solid production from producer “The ComebackS”. He goes deep into his own psyche on songs like "hate yourself" where he details the struggles of opening up his own heart to trust others with the society that we live in today. Lil Beast shows his range on songs like "My Ecstacy" where he raps about his loving side for the female audience. And follows up with songs like "Biological Dad" where he opens up and allows himself to vulnerable while rapping about his family life, his father, and his child. Lil Beast knows who he is as an artist and what type of music he wants to make, showing flashes of commercial appeal which can be built upon if he so chooses.”

Lil Beast could be one of the most talented cats in Las Vegas and I think he's even holding back some. Regardless, this album bangs – a little Henny and weed are all you need to catch a vibe to this.

Production – 4/5
Lyrics – 4/5
Flow – 5/5
Substance – 3/5
Feel – 5/5
Originality: 3/5
Longevity – 3/5
Overall – 3.5/5

Best Tracks: Wasting My Time, Hate Yourself, A.I.D.I.K.S

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